Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to use Hibernate as the persistence layer for Apache ODE/WSO2 BPS

Note: In order to run ODE/BPS under Hibernate, you will have to include external dependencies (and accept Hibernate LGPL license).

By default, Apache ODE/WSO2 BPS uses OpenJPA as the persistence layer, but also includes implementation for Hibernate as well. For switching to Hibernate add the following system propety. (For WSO2 BPS you can do it via $CARBON_HOME/bin/
-Dode.persistence=hibernate \

Make sure you have copied the required Hibernate jar to $CARBON_HOME/repository/components/lib directory.
If you are getting errors at server start up, check whether the necessary tables have been automatically created by Hibernate. If not, you can use a script to manually create the tables (similar to the following used for MySQL DB)  Note Hibernate has slightly different database schemas and also uses "BPEL_" prefix in table names instead of "ODE_" prefix.
If you are using a DB other than Apache Derby, H2, MySQL or Oracle, and having trouble resolving the DB dialect from the database product name, you can manually set the HIBERNATE_DIALECT in org.apache.ode.daohib.bpel.BpelDAOConnectionFactoryImpl class. For implementation details see dao-hibernate and dao-hibernate-db modules in Apache ODE source.

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