Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Quick WSO2 Tip: How to build any WSO2 product from source

Checkout orbit, kernel, and platform.
svn co https://svn.wso2.org/repos/wso2/carbon/orbit/trunk/ orbit
svn co https://svn.wso2.org/repos/wso2/carbon/kernel/trunk/ kernel
svn co https://svn.wso2.org/repos/wso2/carbon/platform/trunk/ platform
Build in the order (orbit -> kernel -> platform), using maven3.
mvn clean install
Hat tip: http://wso2.org


  1. Hi Keheliya,

    i am following your library on ws02 bpel..

    Could you please tell me the step by step process for
    How can we consuming WSO2 ESB service using WSO2 BPS(BPEL).

    Thanks in Advance

  2. Hi Anil,

    If you're using WSO2 Developer Studio or Eclipse BPEL editor, you can import the published WSDL of the proxy service in WSO2 ESB into the BPEL workflow project and use it in your BPEL. If you have queries please feel free to post your questions in StackOverflow with 'WSO2' tag. We're happy to help.


  3. Hi Keheliya,

    I am new to WSO2 products; but I am familiar to SOA as I come from Oracle SOA background. In my current role, I am evaluating WSO2 products and I have been encountering a bug since a week. So I opened a new account in StackOverflow but I couldn't post my questions immediately as I found that I need to earn some 10 reputations and only then I would be able to ask questions or create a thread of discussion. Any easy way to post my questions quickly?


  4. Hi Gurpreet,

    AFAIK, you don't need 10 points to ask questions on StackOverflow. Refer this[1] for more info.

    [1] http://stackoverflow.com/help/privileges